Empowering the connected car


Nebula Systems specialises in the development of advanced technologies for the automotive and transport industries.

We are making vehicle systems and data more accessible – so that a vehicle’s health, status and operation can be monitored, analysed, diagnosed and maintained, faster and more effectively than ever before - anytime and from anywhere.

The Nebula core

Nebula’s developments centre around the Nebula Core – which combine our legacy innovations with the very latest cloud based environments and electronic technologies.

Utilising these Core systems, we are enabling and exploiting the potential offered by new vehicle business models, focusing on the Connected Car, to develop a growing range of products and services for garages, workshops, vehicle fleet businesses, roadside assistance companies, individual vehicle owners and other third party partners.

award winning technology

Nebula today

With a range of service offerings centred on our MECH5.com cloud, we are already delivering faster and more comprehensive vehicle data and diagnostics.

The platform enables our clients to interrogate every aspect of a vehicle’s health, in the workshop or remotely, and includes the ability to send and write commands to a vehicles control systems, wherever that vehicle may be.

The future

In the near future, Nebula Systems will further leverage our systems, such as the Nebula Core, by harvesting the growing volume of valuable data associated with them, to develop further products and data services for the mobility and related sectors.


The world of transportation is changing with the advent of new and disruptive companies like UBER, LYFT and Tesla, to name but a few.

While Google and Apple continue their research into autonomous vehicles and countless other trends are converging to reinvent the Connected Car landscape. With the evolution of our Core technology, Nebula Systems will remain in the vanguard of this exciting revolution.


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